The Rise of China: Pakistani Perspectives

Sangit Dwivedi


Pakistan and China friendship, described by the leadership of both countries as higher than mountains, deeper than oceans and sweeter than honey is a unique case in the international system. The relationship is based on the geostrategic and geo-economic calculations. An important contributing factor in strengthening the relation would be how both countries perceive each other. Pakistan needs to understand the mindset of rising China, the compulsion and limitation of the relationship. However, people-to-people contact is required between the two countries. At present, the relationship is mostly at the state-to-state level. In recent years, the role of media has been enhanced. Scholars, analysts, students, youth visit both countries reflecting the future prospect of relationship.Scant scholarly attention has been devoted to how Pakistani media, elite or general public perceive China’s ascendancy The present research paper seeks to define opinion and response of Pakistani views on the core opportunities and challenges posed by China’s growing power for them. It ends with a discussion of the possible scenarios of future Sino-Pak relations.

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